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Our Services

Minc Strategy

Minc Strategy is at the core of all we do. We believe a successful business begins with a clear vision and a well-thought-out plan. From internal planning to the external launch, we get it and we’ve got you covered.


  • Intake Meetings
  • Working Sessions
  • Recommendations
  • Training

Research and Assessment

  • Review of Operations
  • Review of System Processes & Logistics
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Creative Audit
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Financials


  • Mission & Vision
  • Operational Models
  • Program & Partnerships
  • System Processes & Logistics
  • Talent Acquisition & Sales Strategy
  • Goals & Objectives
  • Baselines & Measures


  • Processes and Procedures
  • Quality Controls
  • Technology
  • Profitability
  • Training and Team Building


  • Corporate
  • Internal
  • External

Identity & Branding

  • Brand Standards
  • Creative Messaging
  • Creative Concepts


  • Public and Media Relations
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Tactics and Measures
  • Launches


  • Strategic Business Plan
  • Operations Plan
  • Sales & Promotion Plan
  • Integrated Marketing & Communication Plan
  • Digital & Social Media Plan
  • Traditional Media Buys
  • Events

Strategy billing is calculated on a flat fee for service. The evaluation and set up fee ranges from $5,000 and up, depending on the scope of the project, size of the company, company divisions and services, markets, campaigns, media outlets, etc.

Minc Creative

Minc Creative makes people talk and keeps them talking. From concept to creation, we provide cutting edge-design and creative innovation. Let us create your vision.

Video Production

  • Full HD 4K video
  • Aerial Videography
  • Post Production

Graphic Design

  • Identity & Branding
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Ad Campaigns
  • Brochures & Direct Mail Pieces
  • Tradeshow Exhibits

Web Development

  • Custom Website Design & Development
  • Hosting & Maintenance

Interactive Media

  • Web-Based Software Development
  • App Development
  • Hosting & Maintenance


  • Aerial Photography
  • On-Site Photography
  • Professional Portraits

Social Media

  • Planning & Management
  • Community Development
  • Content Generation
  • Campaigns
  • Performance Tracking

Creative services are billed on a per-projects basis. Creative services are billed by project and standard protocol for payment is 1/2 up front and 1/2 upon completion. Travel and expenses are not included in the estimates.

Minc Team 360

Minc Team 360 enables us to work as your internal marketing team on an external basis under an agency relationship. That means we manage it all for you.


  • Plan Implementation
  • Operations
  • Leadership Training
  • Team Building
  • Development
  • Partnership Negotiations

Creative Services

  • Basic Graphic Design
  • Design Revisions
  • Ad Resizing

Marketing & Communications

  • Marketing Coordination
  • Media Placement
  • Print Collateral Distribution
  • Public & Media Relations
  • Social Media Management
  • Events & Promotions

Track & Measure

  • Budget Monitoring
  • Data Analytics
  • Media Spending
  • Performance Audits

Agency hours are contracted annually for a total number of team hours to be used throughout the year. Agency clients are billed monthly based on an estimated number of total contracted team hours used per month. The hours can fluctuate month to month and are reconciled each quarter. Client will be notified of any overages and overages are to be paid at the time of reconciliation.

As part of our standard protocol, agency accounts are required to keep a credit card on file with an approved authorization for the processing of late payments, project-based work, expenses, any additional work ordered and performed outside of the scope of services under the agency contract and any additional hours worked over the contracted agency team hours. Agency accounts receive priority over project-based accounts and receive services at a discounted rate. Agency hours are permitted for revisional creative work only, not new creative.

Our Clients

We love being at the center of it all and look forward to starting our journey with you.